Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

What is the purpose of (INT`L Affairs)?

International Affairs Office enables both Iran and other countries interested in earth and geosciences to cooperate with one another in order to pool their resources and share information as a way to face global issues that go beyond any particular country or region.


  Our Mission

In accordance with the 20-year perspective of GSI, this office has the following assignments:

  • To establish contacts with international organizations, aiming, in addition to technical cooperation, to attract business and provide technical services, as well as to finance their execution.
  • To attend mixed committee meetings in Iran and abroad and with foreign delegations visiting Iran, provided that the meetings are in the interest of GSI.
  • To establish contacts with international institutions, aiming at the discussion and consolidation of legal instruments, in view of the transfer and/or absorption of technology in the geosciences area.
  • To support the GSI Executive Board in the formulation and elaboration of the company's international policy and strategies.
  • To maintain understanding with the heads of the executing agencies of the technical cooperation, services and/or projects, in order to guide them regarding the assistance to the clients, ensuring that they guarantee the best fulfillment of their requests, within the pre-established specifications.
  • To propose, in line with the other boards and regional branches of GSI, foreign travel programs, which are of interest to GSI and the Iranian government, in accordance with current legislation.
  • To prepare GSI's financial programming, in view of meeting the goals established in the planning of GSI international activities, acting in close contact with the other companies.

In carrying out its activities, INT`L Affairs fully follows the values ​​and determinations contained in the GSI Code of Ethics along with the Employees Code of Conduct, in relation to the employees conduct rules in their personal and professional relationships. Due to its nature, INT`L Affairs also complies with the provisions contained in the Travel Abroad Instruction, aiming to enable the missions of GSI employees abroad.

Last Update At : 03 October 2022