Our Duties


Description of the Duties of the Office of International Affairs (INT`L Affairs)


1- Establishing scientific and educational cooperation with assemblies, organizations, committees, unions, commissions and international institutions.

 2- Cooperation in the form of concluding a memorandum of understanding and supervising the implementation of cooperation agreements with international organizations and universities.

 3- Cooperation in holding meetings, conferences, symposiums and seminars as well as necessary cooperation with other organizations holding such meetings concerning the geosciences.

 4- Announcing the program of conferences, scientific and educational seminars abroad as well as regional and international meetings and coordinating the participation of the relevant experts.

 5- Setting up the meeting program with foreign officials and experts within the framework of plans and memorandums of understanding of cooperation in between.

 6- Participation in the summit of the Common Commission of Economic Cooperation of Countries in order to cooperate and conclude a memorandum of understanding in the fields of geology and mining

 7- Obtaining visa for foreign experts’ entry.

 8- Obtaining a 5-member board for the presence of GSI experts abroad.

 9- Obtaining the reports and results of the travel of GSI experts or delegations deployed abroad and submitting them to the relevant units.

 10- Translating and editing the technical texts required by the authorities of GSI.

 11- Reviewing and commenting on proposals and issues related to scientific and technical cooperation received from foreign institutions and taking necessary actions for the attendance of GSI experts in international forums.

Last Update At : 03 October 2022