Mission & Vision



·         Conduct geological and mineral exploration studies in all over the country

·         Devising strategy, making policy, planning and supervising geological and mineral exploration studies in country

·         Collection, classification and presentation of all data related to geosciences and making necessary connections and coordinations

·         Identification of mineral resources and reservoir

·         Production and publication of geological results and geological maps, in various scales, and mineral exploration results using modern technology



·         Devising strategy, making policy of Geological Survey of Iran according to related Law and Regulation.

·         Planning and performing strategic studies for geological and mineral explorations in Iran, making coordination with related Organization and considering short and long period priorities and demands of country.

·         Preparing, collecting and performing geological and mineral exploration plans

·         Implementation of geological and exploration studies, identification of mineral resources, and preparation of engineering and technical reports

·         Supervision and evaluation of geological and mineral exploration activities of country

·         Studying and researching in fields of mineral processing and ore dressing for raw materials in laboratory ad pilot scales.

·         Execution of necessary studies and researches in different fields of geology (Regional, Engineering, Marine, Environmental, Geohazards and Geomatics)

·         Offering engineering and technical services of geology and mineral explorations to national and international public and private institutes.

·         Reviewing and evaluation of license applications, issuance of Exploration Certificate for minerals and considering all related matters of exploration contracts and Memorandum of Understandings on the basis of laws and regulations.

·         Achieving and Using modern technology in geological and mineral exploration study and promoting it.

·         Presenting the results of geological and mineral exploration researches via the National Geoscience Database of Iran

·         Cooperating with national and international scientific institutes and universities in different fields of geology and mineral exploration.

·         Developing partnership for organizing national and international congress, symposium, conference, exhibition with national and international universities, academic institutes and other research and scientific associations



Last Update At : 28 August 2018