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 Geological Survey of Iran in MINEX2018-Tehran
14 Sunday October 2018
 Educational Cooperation between Geological Survey of Iran (GSI), Research Institute for Earth Science (RIES) and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)
9 Tuesday October 2018
 Marine Geological Studies Will Begin at Southern Part of Caspian Sea
2 Tuesday October 2018
 Scientific Exchange between Iran and France in field of Middle East geology
30 Sunday September 2018
 Development of Joint Collaborations in Field of Geology and Exploration with BRGM.
26 Wednesday September 2018
 Development of Iran's cooperation with UNESCO in field of groundwater studies, hazards and preparing map of Karst water potential in Middle East
25 Tuesday September 2018
 Geological Survey of Iran and Sorbonne University
24 Monday September 2018
 A giant sinkhole opens up in drought-hit Iran
A giant sinkhole measuring about a kilometre square and 60 metres deep has made a surprise appearance in western Iran. The sinkhole opened up on August 19 near the small village of Kerdabad, in the Kabudrahang county of the western province of Hamadan. It has terrified both locals and experts, who say this phenomenon shows that groundwater tables have been badly damaged.
29 Wednesday August 2018
 Presenting primary fault map of Karaj city and its suburbs
Preparing Karaj fault map was carried out by the Applied Research Centre of GSI and finally it was approved at 10th project meeting by the investigation committee on Karaj and suburbs fault range.
29 Wednesday August 2018
 Signing Memorandum of Understanding for joint cooperation in geoscience between Iran and Ghana
Cooperation between Iran and Ghana may be conducted in exchanging scientific and technical information, collaborating in research activities, organizing joint symposia, conferences, workshops and lectures and implementing joint projects.
18 Saturday August 2018
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