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 During visit of Director General of the GSI it had been stated: GSI prepared for cooperating with private sector of West Azarbaijan Province
At, 15th July, 2018, Dr. R. Lak, Deputy of Minster of Industry, Mine & Trade, and Abbas Golmohammadi, deputy of exploration of GSI visited North West Territory Centre of GSI (Urmia).
21 Saturday July 2018
 Meeting of Iranian Officials and Foreign Ambassadors
20 Friday July 2018
 Geological Survey of Iran and Rosgeologia signed two Agreements
26 Saturday May 2018
 Geological Survey of Iran & Afghanistan Geological Survey
23 Wednesday May 2018
 New Cooperation with A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute
20 Sunday May 2018
 Geological Survey of Iran readiness to Identify Iran's Geopark Potentials
28 Saturday April 2018
 The 37th National Geoscience Congress
24 Tuesday April 2018
 Quaternary Mapping of the Middle East by the Geological Survey of Iran in 4 years
18 Wednesday April 2018
 Nowruz's message: Dr. Razyeh Lak, Deputy Minister and Director of the Geological Survey of Iran
25 Sunday March 2018
 Unveiling of two National Atlases, Result of Half a Century Geological Survey and Exploration
13 Tuesday March 2018
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