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 Signing Memorandum of Understanding for joint cooperation in geoscience between Iran and Ghana
Cooperation between Iran and Ghana may be conducted in exchanging scientific and technical information, collaborating in research activities, organizing joint symposia, conferences, workshops and lectures and implementing joint projects.
18 Saturday August 2018
 Visit of Sarigoni Gold mine during 7th Meeting of Mining Expert of ECO Member States
chedule of 7th Meeting of Mining Expert of ECO Member States includes mining visit of Sarigoni Gold mine at Qorveh
6 Monday August 2018
 Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine & Trade made a Visit to the 24th Iran International Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & Commerce (elecomp)
Dr. Raziyeh Lak make visit to space of Industry, Mine & Trade at 24th Iran International Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & Commerce (elecomp) that achievements and production of GSI and affiliated center was shown
4 Saturday August 2018
 Geology Deputy of Geological Survey of Iran: without accurate geological map there is no chance to do properly industrial and construction projects
30 Monday July 2018
 Following great cooperation between Supreme Mine Council and Geological Survey of Iran (GSI), it is declared: Exploration License of GSI would be put up on public auction
put on auction 16 areas that obtain Exploration License
24 Tuesday July 2018
 During visit of Director General of the GSI it had been stated: GSI prepared for cooperating with private sector of West Azarbaijan Province
At, 15th July, 2018, Dr. R. Lak, Deputy of Minster of Industry, Mine & Trade, and Abbas Golmohammadi, deputy of exploration of GSI visited North West Territory Centre of GSI (Urmia).
21 Saturday July 2018
 Meeting of Iranian Officials and Foreign Ambassadors
20 Friday July 2018
 Geological Survey of Iran and Rosgeologia signed two Agreements
26 Saturday May 2018
 Geological Survey of Iran & Afghanistan Geological Survey
23 Wednesday May 2018
 New Cooperation with A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute
20 Sunday May 2018
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