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  • Abandoned Mines of Iran:  
       One of the fundamentals in sustainable development of each country is the optimum usage of available and unused capitals. Parallel to this case, the review of abandoned mines in Iran is very significant. It is necessary to re-assess these mines to increase the exploitation and proper usage of them.
         On the other hand, if these mines ran out of their resources must not be abandoned because they have many hazards for inhabitants, environment and ecosystem of the region. Hope the re-examination of these mines and their safeties prevent from the damages of their being abandoned.

         Abandoned mines- Description.
       Mineral activity cycle is started from exploration operations. Fundamentally, the most significant stage is the accurate exploration operation to obtain sufficient data regarding mineral resources. At the last stage of exploration, development and feasibility phase commence, and being economic or uneconomic of mining operations in the favorite region is verified through obtained data from exploration operations and feasibility studies. If the result of feasibility stage is positive, mining operations are started, and mine is exploited. After finishing of this stage, mine is closed, and exploitation operations are stopped, but re-exploration operations are commenced. This stage, which is called rehabilitation, evaluates the other economic aspects of the resource. In case of possibility, mine is re-opened. If the assessment result is positive, and mine has a suitable mineral potential to re-open, the mine is activated. Otherwise, another stage, under the name of post closing is started to make a safe environment for the local residents.

      Organizing data of Iran's abandoned mines :

       In the developed countries, the mines, which their reserves have been run out, are called abandoned mines. However, these kinds of mines are important because they can be exploited via the present economic and technical conditions during the mines review processes. This exploitation is normally economic. Sometimes, certain elements may be available with the minerals, which are important when modern and advanced new technology and mining conditions are considered. In the worst conditions, if these mines do not have any reserves, they are assessed for environmental impacts, and safety making process is exerted for residents 


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