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  •  14th Symposium of Crystalography & Mineralogy
      A Novel Keggin Structure, K3PW12040.18E120
      An In situ Powder Iliffraction Study of the Structural Mixed-Phase of YHa2Cu306+a, t 200&300°C
      Crystal structure of Bis (2,2-bipyridine)nitratocopper(ll) hexafluorophosphate
      Crystal Structure of cis,cis-p-2,3,5,6-Tetra-2-pyridylpyrazine k3, N1, N2,N6: k3 N3, N4, N5- bis [dishloro (dimethylsulfoxide-kS) ruthenium (II)] dihydrate acetone disolvate , [{Ru (DMSO) Cl2}2 (m-tppz].2Me2CO.2H2O
      Crystal Structures Determination of CI(O) PN(p-Me-C6H4) CH2CH2N(p-Me-C6H4) and ((CH2C6H5) (CH3) (O) PN (p-Me-C6H4) CH2CH2N (p-Me-C6H4)
      Deficiency and Mobility of Coordinated Water in the Crystalline Nonahydrates of Scandium(II1) and Lanthanoid(II1) Trifluoromethanesulfonates
      Some Theoretical Investigation with Combined X-Ray Structural Study for a Schiff- base with Nitrogen Donor Atoms
      Solving the space group uncertainity of hexakis(dimethy1- sulfoxide)thallium(III) perchlorate using X-ray Crystallography and EXAFS techniques
      Structural Determination of copper(1) complexes containing novel bidentate Iminopyridine ligands
      Structural study of trans-[RuCl2(C2H2S)4] using X-ray crystallography
      Structure of Bisaquamercury(II) Trifluoromethanesulfonate
      Syntheses and Characterization of Three New Mercury(I1) Complexes, [Hg(~hen)z(SCN)zl[,H g(2,2 '-bipy)z(SCN)zl and [IIg(phen)z(N03)21, Thermal, Fluorescence and Structural Studies
      Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Zn2(picOH)2 (H20)4
      Synthesis, Characterizations and crystal Structure of mononuclear Zinc(I1) Complex with 2,3,5,6-tetra(2-pyridy1)Pyrazine