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  •  21th symposium on geosciences
      Jalal Abad Iron Deposit; Exampel of Hydrithermal Iron Deposits
      Investigation on the structure, texture and model of Rapitan banded iron mineralization at the Gol-e-Gohar Iron deposit, Sirjan, Kerman
      Investigation of west Alborz metalogenic properties and gold mineralization in hydrothermal alteration zones
      Introduction to Saddle Dolomites At Pinavand FluoriteMines
      Identification and Introducing of Monazite in Jurassic
      Heavy mineral exploration in Khabr 1:100,000 sheet
      Gold Mineralization in Shear Zones of Zartorosht Mine, inSanandaj-Sirjan Zone (Southwest Sabzevaran
      Gold Mineralization in Ductile and Brittle form of ShearZonesMute Mining Area (SW Delijan.Isfahan)
      Gold mineralization in Barika sheared zone(East of Sardasht, western Azarbaijan
      Gold Genesis in Safikhanlu?Noghdoz Prospecting Area
      Gold exploration in granitoid rocks Taroum area
      Geomorphology as a criterion for exploration of mineral Deposits
      Geology, mineralization and geochemistry of TaknarPolymetal (Cu-Zn-Au-Ag-Pb) deposit (Tak I), Khorasan- Bardaskan
      Geochemistry & Mineralogy of Manganese Mining IndexesIn Abadeh-e-Tashk Area, Fars Province
      Geochemistry & Hydrothermal Alteration in SorkheCopper Index, Marand
      Genesis and Economical Evaluation in Candy Gold Ore
      Exploration of Evaporative Saline in Middle Playa ofGreat Kavir
      Exploration modeling of potash IIjaq for reserve estimation
      Estimating recognized exploration targets Deposit Basis onSurface Data (Case study: Darrezar Ore)
      Economic Geology and genesis of the Alijavad copperProspecting of Ahar
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