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  •  21th symposium on geosciences
      Study of Transterred Water Effects from Zayanderood to Yazd Aquifer
      Study of Karst Development in Lacky aquifer in KhersanRiver Basin
      Study of Hydrochemical Characteristics of Birjand PlainGroundwater Resources
      Study of Geological Formations Effects on Quality of Harzandat Plain Waterground Resources
      Studding origin of Azarshahr Plain Aquifer salinify
      Studding of Hydrological behavior of Atashgah SpringAquifer, Chaharmahal-e Bakhtiari Province
      Prediction of drainage Effects on Shiraz Aquifer by usage Of mathematical model Visual Modflow V.2.6 Software
      Paleogeographical & Geographical Studding of Mighan-Arak Watershed
      Hydrological Studies in Order to Controlling of Water Ground In Open Mines
      Hydrochemical assessment of groundwater in Zeviercheriand Kheran
      Groundwater decline and ground subsidence: A case study
      Geoelectrical Studies of Korin Basin in order to waterGround Exploration
      Determination of Geological Fms. Water Potential ofDelijan Town for groundwater Eexloration
      Correction of hydrodynamic coefficients S & K in KarvanBasin by usingGroundwater modeling by MODFLOW software
      Comparison Between Well Known Empirical Models forEstimation of Saturated Hydraulic Conduductivity from Grain Size Distribution Curves
      Calculation of Azarshahr plain storage coefficient by usingThe simplified equation of hydrogeology in order to Certainty of mathematical model
      Application of HYSEP Model to Prediction of StreamflowComponents
      Using the Crosta technique for hydrothermal alterationMapping in Southwest of Birjand area; a case study from Khoonic Gold indication
      Using of Defoliant and Crosta Techniques for Detection Listvenitic Alteration Type Bearing Gold in Ophiolitic Melange of South khorasan
      Using new statistical tools for Recognizing andEnhancement hydrothermal deposits in Tarum Area
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