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  •  23th symposium on geosciences
      Site Classification of Mazandaran Province Accelerometer Stations by Spectral Ratio (HVSR) Technique
      Rock mass characterization by using rock mass classification in Ghare Aghach dam site
      Quality Control and Error Estimate Using Thompson Diagram; Source of Error?
      QAREHDAGH batholith and copper & molibdenium mineralization in center of that(QAREHCHILAR- QAREHDAREH)
      Normalization of Schmidt hammer rebound values and Evaluation Compressive Strength of Rocks with this Method
      Metallogenesis of Manto ? type Copper ore Deposits in Iran East Nazil Geology & Exploration Company (ENGEXCo) Tehran / Iran
      Major and trace element geochemistry of ore body and associated lithologies in Chah-Calap W-Sn-(Cu-Zn-Au) deposit, southern Birjand
      K-Ar and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of the Intrusions and Porphyry Copper Mineralization in the Darreh-Zerreshk and Ali-Abad area, Yazd
      Iron deposits in north of Semnan from mineralogy, geochemistry and origin viewpoints
      Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of Amand Dam site.
      Introduction and Exploration of Sonajil Porphyry Copper Deposit
      Hydrothermal minerals study of the Khoot copper skarn deposit West of Yazd
      Hydrological and Permeability Assessment of Tangueh-Sirjan Dam Site
      Geology, Mineralogy and Properties of hydrothermal fluid in Torghabeh Au-deposit, Mashhad
      Geological study of the Aliabad area with emphasison the possibility of Cupper mineralization
      Geological engineering and geotechnical viewpoints of sealing in Kalghan Chai dam site
      Geochemical explorations in south of jebal ? e- barez zone
      Geochemical and heavy mineral study of tin ? bearing tourmaline quartz veins in north of Shah kuh at the general exploration stage
      Evaluation & Modeling the Erodiable and preparation of erosion zonation mapping of KARAJ watershed
      Evaluating the agent of damages threaten the jandagh-moalleman road on the playa environment
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