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  •  23th symposium on geosciences
      Petrography of volcanic rocks of south Kahrizak (south Tehran) with an overview to Analcime genesis
      Petrographical and mineralogical evidences of incongruent melting in peridotites and magmatic liquids percolation in the Neyriz ophiolite
      Petrogenesis and geodynamic location of Shotori range volcanism
      Pertrological and geochemical investigations of the Razgah intrusion, Sarab- Eastern Azarbaijan, NW Iran
      Minralogy and geochemical characteristics of nabijan intrusion (Southwest of kaleybar)
      Mafic and felsic magma mingling and mixing in Alvand pluton: evidences of co-existing magma
      Interpretaion of 40K/40Ar datings of the Eastern metamorphic rocks and ophiolitic complexs of the region of Khoy.
      Indications Of Extensive Hydrotermalic And Pneumatolytic Activities In The North Of Hamedan Province
      Hydrothermal alteration mineralogical studies of Sangestan formation in Ali Abad ?e? Dareh Zereshk ?e? Yazd
      Geothermometry marbles and Neyriz area
      Geological, Mineralogical and Geochemical studies of Zeolitic tuffs in Damavand-Firuzkoh area, East Tehran
      Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting Of The Northwest Saveh Granitoids
      Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Metabasites in Gazik area in east of Birjand
      Geochemistary and Petrology of Cheshmeh-Bid Granitoids, southeast of Zahedan
      Genetic Model Formation of Bimetasomatic Skarns
      Genesis of olivine clinopyroxenite intrusives of Kuh shah ultramafic-mafic complex in north-west of Kahnuj (Kerman province)
      General investigation of magmatic rocks,NE Mshhad -Fireman ? Torbatjam lineament
      Garnet (Almandine-Spessartin) zoning and its implication for metamorphic evolution at Deh Salm Metamorphic Complex East of Iran
      Enigma of granitoid bodies without contact metamorphic halos : Genetic solutions
      Damavand volcano trachyandesites and basalts: radiometric ages and radiogenic isotopes
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