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  •  proceedings of economic geology journal 1976-96
      Tectonic subsidence analysis in the characterization of sedimentary ore deposits; examples from the Witwatersrand (Au), White Pine (Cu), and Molango (Mn
      Te- and Se-bearing epithermal Au-Ag mineralization, Prasolovskoye, Kunashir Island, Kuril island arc
      Tasman orogenic system; a model for its subdivision and growth history based on gravity and magnetic anomalies
      Synchronous advanced argillic alteration and deformation in a shear zone-hosted magmatic hydrothermal Au-Ag deposit at the Temora (Gidginburg) Mine, New South Wales, Australia
      Sulfide deposits in Folldal, southern Trondheim region Caledonides, Norway; source of metals and wall-rock alterations related to host rocks
      Stratigraphy, mineralogy, and genesis of the Bigadic borate deposits, western Turkey
      Rare metal mineralization related to granites and pegmatites, Phuket, Thailand
      Rare earth element geochemistry of the metamorphosed volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits of the Manitouwadge mining camp, Superior Province, Canada; a potential exploration tool?
      Primary and tectonic features of the Currawong Zn-Cu-Pb(-Au) massive sulfide deposit, Benambra, Victoria; implications for ore genesis
      Precious metal contents of sulfide, oxide, and graphite crystals; determinations by accelerator mass spectrometry
      Patterns of mineralization and alteration below the porphyry copper orebody at El Salvador, Chile
      Palladium-bearing gold deposit hosted by Proterozoic lake superior-type iron-formation at the Caue iron mine, Itabira District, southern Sao Francisco Craton, Brazil; geologic and structural controls
      Oxygen isotope composition of alteration zones of highly metamorphosed volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits; Geco, Canada, and Palmeiropolis, Brazil
      Olympic Dam ore genesis; a fluid-mixing model
      Noncarbonate, skarnlike Au-Bi-Te mineralization, Lucky Draw, New South Wales, Australia
      Mineralogical and chemical variations, Castellanos shale-hosted Zn-Pb-Ba deposit, northwestern Cuba
      Metallogenic episodes of the Tasman fold belt system, eastern Australia
      Magmatic and hydrothermal history of the porphyry-style deposits of the Ardlethan tin field, New South Wales, Australia
      Hydrothermal geochemistry of electrum; thermodynamic constraints
      Hydrothermal evolution in the Calabona porphyry copper system (Sardinia, Italy); the path to an uneconomic deposit
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