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  • Article title : Progress in palynology of the Gelasian-Calabrian stages in Europe: Recognising trends, cycles and events
    Article type : Paleontology and Stratigraphy
    Location : International Geological Congress,oslo 2008

    Fulltext :

    Europe has at present the most extensive network of palynological sites covering the Late Pliocene and the Early Pleistocene or roughly the Gelasian-Calabrian Stages. This paper covers ten points of recent progress in the palynology of this time period: 1) the contribution of palynology to truly global stratigraphy, 2) the existence and steps of vegetation succession after a glacial period, 3) the causes for the disappearance from Europe of some taxa, 4) the location and the types of vegetation refugia, 5) the causes of the low arboreal pollen representation in glacial times, 6) the extent of extreme glacial conditions, 7) the input of long marine records to short terrestrial ones, 8-9) cyclopalynostratigraphy for wiggle matching dating and duration estimations and, finally, 10) short glacial periods and long interglacial ones in an obliquity-forced climate.

    Address : Brunel University, United Kingdom
    Celebration date : 28 Sunday September 2008
    Author name : Leroy, Suzanne