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Address : Geological survey of Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Celebration date : 17 Wednesday September 2008
Author name : Farhadi, Reza

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  • Article title : Potash and salt plays in salt glaciers
    Article type : Tectonic & Seismotectonic
    Location : International Geological Congress,oslo 2008

    Fulltext :

    The Zagros fold-thrust belt extends from East Anatolian left-lateral strike-slip fault in the northwest to Oman line in the southeast. The belt is the result of the structural deformation of a proforeland system and structurally it is a prism of stacked thrust sheets composed of uppermost Neoproterozoic and Phanerozoic strata. Uppermost Neoproterozoic and Lower Cambrian part of these strata (Hormuz mega sequence) have deposited in an extensional pull-apart basin (Prototethys). Pohl, Khurgoo and Syahoo salt domes are three fountain type extrusions of Hormuz salt. When the flow of salt was ceased moderately salt was eroded by rivers flowing downwards. The structural patterns on the Pohl, Khurgoo and Syahoo salt glaciers are composed of three generations of flow folds; two generations are tight to isoclinal similar-type commonly with sheath like geometry. Sketch maps of the patterns and the sets of deformation structures by Prof. C.J. Talbot at the scale of 1/10,000 indicated that the structural levels or horizons of potash boudins are quite close to each other and he showed their stratigraphic extrapolations. Large scale mapping and also underground data according to the salt and potash cores from Pohl salt dome and large scale mapping from Khurgoo and Syahoo salt domes suggest strongly that all potash bodies and outcrops (patches, boudins and layers) are dispersed along the same stratigraphic level which we called it the Zone of Potash Bearing Strata. The zone defined three generations of deformation by the intrusion, extrusion and gravity spreading of salt.