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  • Article title : Climate change, natural disasters and adaptation: The Italian perspective
    Article type : Climate system
    Location : International Geological Congress,oslo 2008

    Description :

    Climate change, natural disasters and adaptation: The Italian perspective

    Spizzichino, Daniele1; Margottini , Claudio1; Onorati, Giuseppe2
    1APAT, Geological Survey of Italy, Italy;
    2ARPAC Campania Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, Italy

    The Italian Minister of the Environment and the Protection of Territory and of the Sea has promoted the National Conference on Climatic Changes, held in Rome, September 2007. The Conference dealt with the scenarios of the modifications induced by Climatic Changes in Italy and the possible options for adaptation. The works of the Conference have been prepared by a series of workshops, organized in collaboration with the System of the Italian Regional Environmental Agencies. Among the different sectors of interest, hydrogeological disasters were deeply investigated in order to implement the most appropriate adaptation plan suitable to minimize the effects of Climate Change. The process included a site workshop on floods and landslides, in Naples in July 2007, as well as a thematic session in the National Conference.
    The method pursued in practical activity included the following:
    1. implementing the knowledge on hazard and risk assessment, focusing on the role of rainfall, as main triggering mechanism of floods and landslides;
    2. understanding the meteorological trends in Italy in the last 200 yy;
    3. analysing hazard mapping in relationship to land use and triggering mechanisms;
    4. evaluating long term scenarios as input for potential modification of triggering mechanisms;
    5. understanding the impact of modification of future scenario to present day hazard map;
    6. delineate the main issues for an adaptation plan, suitable to minimise, from now, the adverse effects of Climate Change strengthening as well the resilience.
    Major conclusions of the Rome Conference, to implement in the near future included:
    1. in the field of basic research:
    a. implementing data bases, knowledge;
    b. developing more accurate modelling and non stationary recurrence time estimations;
    c. increasing socio-economic data bases of damages and remediation costs;
    2. in the field of impact of Climate Change on hydrogeological disasters:
    a. better understanding by the relationship of physical processes connecting climate change to floods and landslides;
    b. better understanding of the anthropogenic system response and causative forcing to occurrence of disasters;
    c. better understanding of the economic impact of climate change on hydrogeological disasters;
    3. in the field of territorial vulnerability to climate change:
    a. developing appropriate land use planning and management tools;
    b. establishing new legislation, public information and knowledge on climate;
    c. implementing inter-institutional dialogue in planning and implementing the procedures;
    d. implementing more accurate monitoring system and early warning, as prevention measures against rapid onset of disasters.
    The conclusions and proposals are the reference for the creation of a national adaptation strategy and will start to receive attention since the 2008 Italian financial law.

    Source :
    Celebration date : 18 Monday August 2008