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  • Article title : Genesis of olivine clinopyroxenite intrusives of Kuh shah ultramafic-mafic complex in north-west of Kahnuj (Kerman province)
    Article type : Petrology
    Location : 23th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

          Kuh shah ultramafic ? mafic complex is located in the north-west of Kahnuj (Kerman province). This complex consist of dunite, harzburgite and altered gabbros. Dunites and harzburgites have been invaded by numerous olivine-clinopyroxenite veins and dykes. Textural and mineral chemistry investigations on dunites and harzburgites reveal that they are relatively depleted and belong to the mantle, whereas the texture and chemical composition of clinopyroxene and olivine from olivine-clinopyroxenite are very different from those of the host rocks and indicate that these intrusives have been crystallized from ascending melts in mantle conditions. Like the similar ones in other ultramafic complexes in the world , olivine-clinopyroxenite intrusives of Kuhshah have been crystallized from mafic melts. The melts have been generated in the deeper levels of the mantle, then they ascend to the shallower depths, and produce olivine- clinopyroxenites and metasomatize the host rocks.

    Celebration date : 5 Monday May 2008