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  • Article title : QAREHDAGH batholith and copper & molibdenium mineralization in center of that(QAREHCHILAR- QAREHDAREH)
    Article type : Engineering Geology
    Location : 23th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

          The study area (Qarehchilar- Qarehdareh) is located at East Azarbaidjan in NW of IRAN . mineralization of Cu ? Mo is occure in center of QarehDagh batholith . composition.of this batholith is ranges from diorite , granodiorite to granite. the rocks of area are metaluminous and calc-alkalin characterized with moderately to high Potassium and is related to volcanic arc granites (VAG). Mineralization of Cu-Mo in center of this batholith is found as: 1. mineralization related to quartz veinlet and veins. 2. mineralization related to porphyritic dykes. 3. mineralization related to breccia and mylonitezones.mineralizezonesthisareaiscontainchalcopyrite,molybdenite,bornite,chlcocite,covelite,digenite, magnetite. Pyrite, malachite, azurite, powelite, Hematite, limonite, sphalerite, tetrahedrite. Mineralization of Mo in this area a significant which occur as:
       1- Quartz ? molybdenite veins: molybdenite occur as open ? space filling and as flakes up to 10mm.
       2- In contact boundary of quartz veins with wall Rocks.
       3- As disseminated grains in alteration envelopes of quartz veins and in backgrand of wholerocks.
       Existence of intrusion rocks with composition of diorite to porphyritic granite , abundance of mineralized quartz veins and dykes , exist of alteration zones (potassic , propylitic and silisification ) indicate that thise is a vein ? porphyry Cu ? Mo mineralization in this area.

    Celebration date : 5 Monday May 2008