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  • Article title : Introduction and Exploration of Sonajil Porphyry Copper Deposit
    Article type : Engineering Geology
    Location : 23th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

          Sonajil copper ore deposit is located araund Jangal village in the 36 km northeast of Ahar at38 11 51 N,47 17 14E.
       Studied area located around Oquzdaghi mountin with 2594m hight. Dominate lithology in the area is Injeh intrusion,andesite prophyry,andesite mega porphyry, dioritic dickes ,quaternary basalts and tuff.
       Quaternary basalt occur horizently on the top of other units in center area.Intrussive body is qurtzmonzonite to qurtzmonzodiorite Injeh with 10 km length and 2 km widthand North to South trend.
       Alteration and mineralization zones in Sonajil is located in tow siad Oquzdaghi with east ? west trend.
       The argillic, phillic,potassic and sillisification alteration is widespread in the study area.
       Argillic is the most extensive type of alteration and enveloped other alteration type.
       The mineralization are probably related to Injeh intrusive body which causes extensive alteration and fractuering.This intrusive body has important role on mineralizations.
       Andesite porphyry rocks in Sonajil area in effect of Injeh introusion provide conditiom for alteration and minralization at west of Sonajil river.
       Sulfide minralization is in aera as pyrite ,Chalcopyrite , Bornite , covlite,chalcosite and copper carbonate minrals as Malachite and Azorite.
       Minralization type is disseminated ,vein and vinlets and is concend with quartz-seresite ,potassic altration and fracture zone.
       Study of primery and secondry geochemichal haloes and mineralization baesd on 604 soil and 324 stream sediment samples has been done seprately.
       The elements Pb,Zn,Co,Ni,Fe,Ag anomalies are mild and Cu anomaliess far to extreme in EDA method.Copper anomalies are located in south and north Jangal Valliage with north ?south trend and west Oquzdaghi.
       Copper mineralization occure in 2 part that the most intense located in west Sonajil river.The second part is located west Oquzdaghi.Each of these copper minralization continue north to south with variuos intense.
       five borehole is dirlling in area about 862m depth.
       Study exploration done based on data results of 604 soil , 324 stream sediment and 500samples of 5 borehole incloud varity sach as lithology , Altration , fracture , Minralization , Type of Minral ,Texture, Recovery , RQD ,copper and other base metal element assay .
       Continuing geochemical exploration in this ore deposit whith usage stream sediment ,soil , rock, hevy mineral , oxide ,alteration and borehole samples and Distinguish element vertical zonality with usage geophysics data.
       Based on type of lithology, Altration ,Rocks texture, Minralization, Extension Minralzation haloes, Variuos minerals and other evidence,mineralization type of Sonajil is copper porphyry. All study results in sonajil area confirm with copper porphyry type minralization.

    Celebration date : 5 Monday May 2008