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Semnan Province, the Fifth Mining Province of Iran
Semnan Province was introduced as the fifth mining province of Iran, existing 270 mines, 8.5 m. tons of mineral reserves and 150 exploration permits.
Reporting the Public Relations of the Geological Survey of Iran, Eng.M.Taqi Esteshareh, head of Mine Engineering Organization of Semnan Province described: "Semnan Province is the fifth mining province of the country".
He said that 4000 people activate directly in 270 mines, containing 8.5 m.tons of mineral. Also, 150 exploration permits and allocation of 30 exploration certificates every year and 5000 million rials of constructive costs demonstrate high capability of Semnan Province.
He uttered: "Although, serious mining activity hasn't been accomplished up to now due to newly establishment but necessary substructures should be collected after compilation of rules until Mine Engineering Organization of the country can choose required policies to attain the best solution simultaneous with settling experts".
"Mine Engineering Organization of the country has stabilized its policies considering newly establishment of its activities as it was founded in 2003, organized and equipped in 2004 and prepared and compiled its rules 2005 ", he stated.
Finally, he explained that we hope to observe expanded activity of mine experts and solve problems in mine sector, accelerating preparation of required directions and solving financial problems.
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