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 Snow in an Infant Solar System: A Frosty Landmark for Planet and Comet Formation
A snow line has been imaged in a far-off infant solar system for the very first time. The snow lin....
4 Wednesday September 2013  8:49
 How Mars’ Atmosphere Got So Thin: Reports Detail Curiosity Clues to Atmosphere’s Past
A pair of new papers report measurements of the Martian atmosphere’s composition by....
4 Wednesday September 2013  8:47
 A Warmer Planetary Haven Around Cool Stars, as Ice Warms Rather Than Cools
In a bit of cosmic irony, planets orbiting cooler stars may be more likely to remain ice....
31 Saturday August 2013  7:45
 Glencore Xstrata McArthur River mine expansion plan approved
Glencore Xstrata passed Tuesday the final hurdle for a $360 million expansion of its Australian....
31 Saturday August 2013  7:43
 PayPal launches interplanetary payment system
If there are plans to mine asteroids, the Moon and eventually other planets, there should be a....
31 Saturday August 2013  7:42
 China dominates global supply, but internal competition is often overlooked
Production of primary magnesium continues to be dominated by China, which Roskill estimates.....
26 Monday August 2013  10:53
 Automotive lightweighting and China growth driving demand for magnesium
Roskill estimates that consumption of magnesium reached a new peak in 2012, 1.1Mt, with demand.....
26 Monday August 2013  10:52
 Magnesium metal market benefitting from automotive emissions reduction targets
Roskill estimates that consumption of magnesium reached a new peak in 2012. The following....
26 Monday August 2013  10:50
 BHP cuts $400 million from Pilbara expansion budget
Diversified giant miner BHP Billiton (ASX, NYSE: BHP, LSE: BLT) continues to tighten its belt....
26 Monday August 2013  10:49
 Getting Coal in Your Christmas Investing Stocking
We all want new and exciting electronic gizmos and gadgets for the holiday seaso.....
14 Wednesday August 2013  1:20
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