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 Interstellar Winds Buffeting Our Solar System Have Shifted Direction
Scientists, including University of New Hampshire astrophysicists involved in NASA’s....
21 Saturday September 2013  9:2
 Coldest Brown Dwarfs Blur Lines Between Stars and Planets
Astronomers are constantly on the hunt for ever-colder star-like bodies, and two years ago....
17 Tuesday September 2013  10:8
 Gravity Variations Over Earth Much Bigger Than Previously Thought
A joint Australian-German research team led by Curtin University’s Dr Christian Hirt has....
17 Tuesday September 2013  10:7
 BHP opens coal mine in Queensland despite market challenges
BHP Billiton (ASX, LON, NYSE: BHP) and joint venture partner Mitsubishi officially....
17 Tuesday September 2013  10:5
 The 10 biggest mining deals of 2012
Global mining deals dropped 74% over the first half of 2013, with little hope for an....
15 Sunday September 2013  10:14
 Global Warming Has Increased Risk of Record Heat
Researchers calculate that intense heat like that in the summer of 2012 is up to four times more....
15 Sunday September 2013  10:11
 Top miners to spend $244b in the next two years
The world’s largest mining companies are planning to spend over $244 billion on expansions to 20....
15 Sunday September 2013  10:7
 Scientists Confirm Existence of Largest Single Volcano On Earth
A University of Houston (UH) professor led a team of scientists to uncover the largest single volcano....
11 Wednesday September 2013  8:27
 Thermal coal approaches 4-year lows
Thermal coal dipped to US$78 on Wednesday as a result of weak demand, nearing its....
11 Wednesday September 2013  8:26
 Powerful Jets Discovered Blowing Material out of Galaxy
Astronomers using a worldwide network of radio telescopes have found strong evidence that....
11 Wednesday September 2013  8:25
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