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 Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart is Australia’s chairperson of the year
Australian mining billionaire, Gina Rinehart, was named Thursday Down Under’s chairperson of....
15 Sunday December 2013  10:10
 Fast, Furious, Refined: Smaller Black Holes Can Eat Plenty
Observations of a black hole powering an energetic X-ray source in a galaxy some 22 million....
15 Sunday December 2013  10:9
 Minister says Peru’s copper production to jump 17% next year
Teck and Newmont is said to be interested in buying Glencore’s giant Las Bambas copper ....
7 Saturday December 2013  10:6
 Bitcoin ’miner’ sells $8 million in hardware in 24 hours
A Swedish firm, KnCMiner, sold $8 million worth of their bitcoin mining hardware at $10k per....
7 Saturday December 2013  10:5
 Rio Tinto revises Pilbara expansion
Rio Tinto CEO Sam Walsh says the company will go ahead with its Pilbara iron ore expansion....
7 Saturday December 2013  10:4
 Greenland iron ore mine gets green light
The Isua project will comprises of a mine, processing plant and 105km concentrate ...
3 Tuesday December 2013  9:31
 How tiny Vancouver co snatched European iron prize from under Glencore’s nose
Maria Mine: Could be back up and running for just $60m producing premium ore for $53 FOB a....
30 Saturday November 2013  11:23
 Most of the 800 junior miners listed on the ASX are worthless— Rick Rule
Sprott Global Resource Investments chairman Rick Rule is in Australia this week to....
30 Saturday November 2013  11:19
 Six dead in Spain after coal mine gas leak
At least six people are dead after a gas leak at a coal mine in Castile and Leon – an autono....
18 Monday November 2013  7:51
 1,500-year-old Roman gold coin unearthed at Chinese tomb
The coin found, like this one, is from the East Roman Empire era. Archaeologists conducting....
18 Monday November 2013  7:50
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