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 Mining in Canada’s B.C. remains strong, but facing labour, indigenous issues
The shortage of skilled workers is pushing some miners to hire foreigners.Brit....
3 Monday February 2014  9:54
 More good news for Vancouver gold junior on month-long tear
TrueGold Mining (CVE:TGM) jumped 5% on Monday on heavy volumes, after announcin....
3 Monday February 2014  9:51
 Energy commodity prices gained as metals sank in 2013
The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has published some interesting ....
3 Monday February 2014  9:49
 Newfound Planet Is Earth-Mass but Gassy
An international team of astronomers has discovered the first Earth-mass planet that transi....
26 Sunday January 2014  8:23
 Chile set to make mining desalination mandatory
Chile’s lower house members have submitted a draft bill aimed to make the use of....
26 Sunday January 2014  8:22
 Deadly weekend at China’s coal mines
The first accident happened Friday morning in central China’s Wufeng county, Hubei Provi....
21 Tuesday January 2014  10:19
 Researchers Use Hubble Telescope to Reveal Cloudy Weather On Alien World
Weather forecasters on exoplanet GJ 1214b would have an easy job. Today’s forecast: cloud....
21 Tuesday January 2014  10:17
 Starless Cloud Cores Reveal Why Some Stars Are Bigger Than Others
Massive stars -- those at least 8 times the mass of our Sun -- present an intriguing myster....
21 Tuesday January 2014  10:15
 Supply worries cloud 2014 mining outlook
The Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index, which tracks 22 commodities traded in London....
13 Monday January 2014  10:32
 China’s No.3 coal firm looking into solar power market
China’s third largest state-owned coal miner, Datong Coal Mine Group (LON:DTE), ha....
13 Monday January 2014  10:30
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