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 GSI to draw up exploration strategy
Mohammadi Joabadi the Geological Survey of Iran's Geomatics Manager in an interview with the GSI's News section announced that exploration Strategy in the 4th Development plan is being drawn up ...
30 Wednesday March 2005  10:32
 Indonesian Earthquake Killed 426; Death Toll to Rise (Update1)
The magnitude 8.7 earthquake, among the ten most powerful worldwide since 1900, that struck near the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia on March 28 killed at least 426, ...
30 Wednesday March 2005  10:25
 Indonesian governor estimates 1,000 killed by earthquake
An estimated 1,000 people were killed in this week's 8.7-magnitude quake that struck Indonesia's remote Nias island, the regional governor said Wednesday, adding ...
30 Wednesday March 2005  10:21
 Great gobs of fire: Flow from Hawaii volcano increases three-fold
About three times the average volume of lava from Kilauea volcano has been flowing into the ocean each day at five separate entry points over the past week.
30 Wednesday March 2005  10:19
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