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Petrology group

Petrology group is one of the fourfold group of regional geology affairs. Petrology group was established in the first years of establishment of this organization. Dr. Abdolrahim Hooshmandzadeh, Dr. Nooroddin Alavi Tehrani, Dr.Hashem Etminan, Dr. Seyed Mehdi Amidi have been group founders that with their effort and researches of Dr. Mansour Vosughi Abedini, Dr. Mohammad Hashem Emami, Dr. Fatemeh Poorhosseini, Dr. Mosayyeb Sabzeyi, Dr. Mohammad Mehrparto, Eng. Alireza Babakhani and Eng. Fariba Ezzatian has been established petrology group of the organization with a firm and long support.

In recent years, main activity of petrology group has been preparing geological maps in crystallized (igneous and metamorphism) areas of our country that its result is 15 sheets geological map on scale of 1:250000 and 70 sheets geological map on scale of 1:100000.Petrology is included the other main activity of this group. This valuable work is done by woman experts of petrologic group and almost all petrology information of published geological maps of the organization has been prepared by them.

Petrology group is activated in the fields of research about petrology of igneous and metamorphism rocks, possibility consideration of again eruption of the country semiactive volcano, study of granites placement sample by AMS method, ancient studies of the ground magnet, dating study of radiometric and mineralization genesis. Also petrology group has scientific-research cooperation with some foreign institutes such as: the universities of Western Britania, Paul Sabtie, Mont Polieh in French, the university of England Cambridge and MIT University in USA and domestic universities. Now, in petrology group, activate 30 experts that are employed 2 people with Ph.D degree,3 people, students of Ph.D course,16 people with M.Sc degree, one people, student of M.Ss course,3 people with B.S degree. Also 2 trainees and 3 technicians are the other colleagues of this group