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The aim of establishment of isotopic research group ,is preparing required possibilities in order to measurement of isotopic ratios of various elements exiting in geological samples in 1991. The resulting data from these experiments are applied in different branches of geology which some of them are mentioned here:

1- Geocronology(dating of geological samples based on radioactive changes)

2- study of 2 –part mixtures (for example ; joining the water of minor river to major river - joining river to lake or ocean- joining2_ types  sediment in a sedimentary basin ,contamination a magma originated from mantle with rocks of crust

3- Stratigraphy of snow and ice

4- Studying paleothermometric (studying the temperature of the earth in  former ages)

5- Dating of corals

6-Ocurring subduction

Considering the above mentioned points ,it is clear that in most of geological research ,the isotopic studies here basic application