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 Some active universities in the field of remote sensing

A - domestic universities

• University of Science & Technology - Arak Engineering faculty
Currently, in this university, bachelor of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering are represented in remote sensing in related courses.

• University of Tabriz
major of mapping in undergraduate university is presented and the outline contents of Remote Sensing in the form of credit courses will be introduced and taught.

• Tarbiat Modarres University
Department of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System efforts registered some universities in 1374 in attempt of Late Dr. Mohammad Najafi Disfani with acceptance of seven students in graduate degree. management of this group was transferred to Dr. Alimohammadi In late 1374 and from 1376 to 1386 management group and Dr. Manouchehr Frjzadhbrhdh accepted 1386 Dr. Siavash was selected worth a new management group.

• Shahid Beheshti University
Department of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) of Shahid Beheshti University start its activities in 1378 with the assistance of Head of Shahid Beheshti University, Dr. Nadeem and continuous followings of Mr. Farshid Jahedi and other his colleagues, including Mr. Reza Boghrati formally after holding master entrance exam in 1377, five students accepted in the MA test in October 1378 in the field of remote sensing and GIS in soil and water group enrolled and studying were.

• Shahid Chamran University
 Civil group of this university represents related major to fundamental topics in remote sensing
• Technological Khajeh Nasir-e-Toosi University
Department of remote sensing is one of training, research School of Engineering Surveying group. This group is the currently offer of a Masters Degree and Postgraduate Assessment. Moreover, specialized courses are represented in this group in undergraduate engineering survey by experienced teachers of this group.

• Tehran University Faculty of Technical
Severe shortage of educational institutions in surveying engineering in the country on one hand and the increasing need of skilled manpower in the field on the other hand, led to that cornerstone engineering group mapping can be put regard to the status and role of special campus of Tehran University Faculty in Technical Services training to the youths of this land.
Qualitative and quantitative growth and expansion of this group, especially in the areas of faculty staff, equipment, establishment of MA and Ph.D. courses in this field as well as trends subsidiary of statistics graduates in higher levels of education and acceptance tests as well as office key posts, all causes are groups that are currently surveying engineering technical Tehran University Campus School, as a group and obvious indicators at the community level and technical questions raised major role in training key staff of professional surveying needed to play.
The group currently has 15 faculty members, 160 MS students, 41 MS students and 17 doctoral students are.
B - Outside of Iran
• Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University - USA

 • Remote Sensing Department of the University of Zurich - Switzerland

• Remote Sensing Laboratory, University of Utah - United States

Remote Sensing Center, University of Georgia - USA

Remote Sensing Laboratory University of Minnesota - USA

• Center for Remote Sensing, Chiba University - Japan

• Center for Marine Remote Sensing, Jones Hopkins University -

 Remote Sensing Center, University of Arizona - USA

 • Remote Sensing Laboratory, University of Washington - USA

University of Arizona, Department of Remote Sensing

 • Department of Remote Sensing, University of Oslo

Remote Sensing Center, University of Greenwich - UK

 • Remote Sensing Laboratory, University of Montclair ~ chopping / RSLAB / index.php
• University of Wuerzburg Department of Remote Sensing

• Remote Sensing Unit, Lancaster University

• Remote Sensing Department of the University Mandaly

some active universities in the field of remote sensing