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 List of some journals in the field of remote sensing information shall
Monthly Survey - monthly scientific, technical
Owned: Organization of Surveying
Managing director: Dr. Yahya college
Editor: Mr. Sayed Ghazanfar Behdad
Place of Publication: Tehran

Quarterly manufacturing city - Journal of technical, engineering
Owner and managing director: Mr. Samad Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh grateful
Editor: Dr. Mostafa Behzadfar
Place of Publication: Tehran

 List of some related books to remote sensing:
Familiarity with remote sensing technologies and applications in natural resources
Alireza Majd and Mahmoud Zabiri
Publications: Tehran University

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
Majid Farid and myrrh Hashmytngstany
Publications: Center for Academic Publishing

Theory and applications of digital illustration
Islamic Ali Rad - Seyed Mehdi Nazemi
Publication: National Geodetic Survey

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
Engineer Sayed Baqer Fatemi and Mr. Yousef Rezaei
Publications: Azadeh - April, 1385

Remote Sensing (Principles and Applications)
Hassan Alizadeh Rabiei
Publication: Study Organization and compiling books of Humanities University (side) (December, 1387)

Principles of Remote Sensing (Geography Department)
Hassan Taherkya
Publications: Payam Noor University (1384)

Remote sensing studies of Earth resources
Saiid Pirasteh, Leila Farzin Poor
Publications: Shaheedi (1385)

Foundations of physics in remote sensing and satellite technology
Mohammad reza Mobasheri
Publications: Technical Khajeh Nasir Toosi University (1385)

Pedometry: digital processing of remote sensing data
Isa Asfandyar pur jeni
Publications: Pelk (1387)

Thermal remote sensing and its applications in geosciences
Kazem Alavi Panah
Publications: Tehran University (1385)

Application of remote sensing in geosciences (earth sciences)
Kazem Alavi Panah
Publications: Tehran University, Institute of Publishing and Printing (1385)

Remote sensing and urban analysis
Jean-Paul Duni, Michael John Barnsly, Paul Long, wish Feizollah Beigi
Translator) F. Msyby (and (Heshmatollah Nader (
Publication: National Cartographic Country (1387)

Principles of science remote sensing (aerial photos and satellite images)
Parviz Zyayyan Firoozabadi, Nader Parvin
Publications: Payam Noor University (1386)

Fundamentals of remote sensing and interpretation of satellite and aerial images
(Translator), Thomas Lylsend, H. Malmyryan
Publication: Armed Forces Geographical Organization (1381)

list of some journals in the field of remote sensing information shall