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Some softwares used in remote sensing
- Envi
Envi is the abbreviation of word phrases The Environment for Visualizing Images and this is the name for the software system to evolve and advanced image processing. Envi software was designed for performing and accomplishment of some of specific needs, especially the use of satellite data. The software View and full comprehensive, as well as image processing and analysis in various sizes and in particular spectral processing, is presented completely in user-friendly manner.
One of most important features of Envi that results in becoming unique among similar software for image processing is that this software combines Band-Baseband and File-Based techniques with interactive functions. when an information file is opened inside the software, its bands are saved as a list as to be able to total functions of system by access.
- ArcView

ArcView GIS software package is developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) andit is choosed as as a suitable software environment. This software has appeared in recent years as a leading software in set of geomatic softwares. All activities within ArcView by a project is organized and run which may include one or more View, Table, Chart, Layout and Script.
Arc View can work with vector and raster data, which is where vector data are called raster Shapefile. Specialized software of Arc View, is called switch which is used for specific manipulations and analysis on different data. On of important switches can be pointed out 3D Analyst and Network Analyst that the first production is for query, data analysis and figure Raster, and the latter has been designed for network analysis.

- Erdas

Erdas software is one of well-known softwares in the field of satellite image processing from satellite sensors which is designed by the company Esri and by laica Swiss company is marketing and distribution. high capabilities in this software allows users to analyz and processing various data in different formats (vector and Raster) simultaneously. These advantages with easy, quick and precise management of files result in to become Erdas as a user-friendly software. Today so many organizations, including the Organization of the Armed Forces Geographic, National Geodetic Survey, Iranian Space Agency, and scientific and research centers used this software as one of the main image processing programs.

- ER Mapper
Briefly, ER Mapper is the software to analyze satellite images in Telemetry Remote Sensing.
 ER Mapper are most advanced image processing softwares for geographic images which can be performable in  that personal computers under OS NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP applicable. Speed of this system due to Astfah the most advanced technologies and newest day is very high.
Using of ER Mapper software can be raster and vector data will also display and edit data connections, geographic and land information systems, management systems or other resources is.
PCI software was released for the first time in 1980 in Canada. This Software is processing of satellite images and aerial photos and production of various productions by using of these images. PCI software has high capability so that it is as one of the main and widely used software which are currently used in foreign countries.
This software package consists of a number of Packages which have high capability. One of useful packages of this set is Ortho Engine which is a very powerful. It is a very strong package for the aerial photos, satellite images, geometric correction in (X, Y, Z) and various productions  such as three-dimensional model (DEM), efficiency in pair stereo images, mosaic of satellite images and operations ...
important features of this software package is making of digital elevation models and also the Ortho corrections on satellite images.

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