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Projects of Geodynamics Group:


The geodynamics group has implemented the valuable works in the field of the technology development of Global Positioning system (GPS) among Iranian geologists. The most important projects of geodynamics group included of:

1-Designing national permanent network of Global Positioning System(GPS) by cooperation of National Cartographic Center of Iran(NCC) 

At present, a modern network is founding by the cooperation of National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC) and Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) for the studies involved to decreasing the earthquake risk in the country under the name of Permanent Network of Transverse Geodynamics. This great and national project is important for the tectonics development in the country in present age by preparing updated data. This data have the basic role in   decrease of the natural disasters and damages caused by them in the country.

2- Geodynamics network project in
Central Alborz (Tehran)

The goal of this project is the establishment and development of Global Positioning system about the biggest industrial and populated centralization of the country and also study of different and active faults in Tehran city and its surrounding suburbs in order to decrease the geological hazards such as: the earthquake and landslide and snowslide and also the activity of Damavand volcano.

3-Establishment of geodynamics network in the stricken region by earthquake `Bam` by cooperation of NCC

To recognize and construct more than 27 temporary stations of Positioning system for  the survey of active and metamorphic faults after the earthquake by the cooperation of NCC and Cambridge University of England and Engineering geology group of GSI.

4-Detail development project of impermanent network of geodynamics all across the country (4th year development plan)

To recognize the suitable stations for Global Positioning system and also the detail development of impermanent network existing in the country during 4th year development plan.


Targets of the group for 4th year development plan

Geodynamics group has been founded goaling the technology application of Positioning system (GPS) in field of the metamorphism and movements in the crust of Iran and compound of sat geodesy and different branches of Earth Science all over the country. This group considers applying this modern technology (GPS) individually or as cooperation in the functional and research fields.

The primitive targets of the group is during 4th year development plan of the country as follow:
1) To equip the geodynamics group in the software and hardware fields in GSI
2)To get information about the application of this technology by the country geologists by passing the proper training courses
3) To develop the technology application of Global Positioning system (GPS) in field of different groups activity in GSI
4) To implement the joint projects with different groups of GSI in direction of the present activities
5)To activate in field of GSI navigation all over the country( land and sea)
6)To accomplish the functional- research  joint projects with the domestic and foreign agencies and universities
7)To cooperate with NCC in field of the installation and founding the detail network of Global Positioning system(GPS) all over the country
8) To interpret the data of Global Positioning system(GPS)caused by the detail network in field of the movements and metamorphism in Iran crust
9)To apply Global Positioning system(GPS)in the integration with the remote sensing studies by the method of INSAR
10)To publish the scientific-research articles in field of Earth Science and Global Positioning system(GPS) in the domestic and foreign magazines
11)To cooperate with the domestic organizations and agencies of the country in field of training and interchanging the GPS data to decrease the natural disasters

Geodynamics project in the south foothill of Central Alborz

1_Description of problem:

Iran locates on one of the most active and the youngest orogeny belts that is Alp-Himalia and includes in 10 risky countries on the world due of happening the strong and destructive earthquakes. Tehran is the most strategic region in the country due to ever-increasing and considerable centralization moreover the economic damages caused by  the natural disasters as the natural disasters can cause the safety crisis in addition to the economic and humanity crisis in the country. There is no proved and quantitative data about the active faults movements and metamorphic amount and its distribution in Tehran zone.
2_ Description of target:

The target of geodynamics project of Tehran is the measurement and monitoring of the crust movements and metamorphism and also the seismic and active faults about the biggest economic and political and social and industrial and military center of the country that is Tehran in order to understand the distribution of strain and recognition of the areas with higher metamorphism in the studied area by the precise measurements of spatial geodesy and present geological data. 
3_ Description of executive operation:

The measurements will be accomplished in the appointed points periodically by National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC) and Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) and by the modern technology application of Global Positioning system (GPS).The project considers to construct the new and fixed points and stations moreover the former points and stations constructed by NCC and survey the necessary data of that points. In this project, the applied stations situate in parties of the fault levels because the most important danger for Tehran zone is caused by the active faults movement in the zone. The stations are chosen by the coordination and the expertise study by two organizations. It is caused to prevent the construction of points on the impermanent areas and the points are measured by programming and coordination between both of organizations in this project too.
The data got by the periodical readings and the geodetic analysis and process and the required corrections are interpreted from the viewpoint of tectonic and geodynamic in the studied area by the experts.
4_ Publication of the project results:

The results belonging to two organizations are published formally all across the country and abroad.
5_Period of the project:

It will long at least 3 years that is extendable by the coordination of both parties in the project at the end.
The survey and study is followed by other part or without cooperation of the third part if any party becomes dissuaded and the measurement results and the data process can be applied by the third researchers if be mentioned the sources and administrators of the project.
6_Accomplishment of project cost:

It is provided by both of the executive organizations. Any party is responsible for its logistic costs individually. Other joint costs are assigned by the agreement of two parties in the project.

Global Positioning System

The geodesy studies has developed very much by two major changes at the end of last century that can be measured the distances very precise from hundreds meter until hundreds km. These changes include:    
1) Sending especial codes to the land by sates and getting the sates situation and their distance to the land stations.
2) Construction of very precise receivers that can receive the codes and compute the distances and situations by the sent codes of the sates.
 Moreover, these two sections, there are the land stations that control the sates. This three fold set is an effective system under the name of Global Positioning System (GPS). This system shown that how can be recognized the environment and  natural changes existing in it for the human in different fields for the short time from the beginning although it was designed for the site selection at first.
Basically, Global Positioning sates system included of 27 sates (shape1) around the earth. The land stations can assign their situation by relation to these sates by especial receiver (manual   or developed) with very much care. Nowadays, the most important application of this system is the measurement of Strain regional basin in the active seismic areas for scientific studies and decreasing the natural disasters hazard.
At first the studies of the hazard decrease of the natural disasters by GPS was implemented only by the method of resurvey-mode GPS measurements. The founded points are surveyed in especial chronological periods in this method and the movements result is gotten by comparison of the surveyed data in the interval between two surveys. But, the constant survey of the sat geodesy data is in progress in recent years by installation of the measurement stations in the active areas for earthquake or other natural disasters to measure the metamorphic changes and the crust movement such as: the permanent network of Global Positioning System in
South California, Taiwan, China and Japan.
The most important goal of the permanent and connected network of Global Positioning System is getting the proved information about the quickness of the measurement stations that indicates the metamorphism around the known structures and the study and evaluation of models existing about the geological features and the better estimation of the seismic potential of the populated areas because the measurement is the more proved by the permanent network but it is quicker by the permanent network of geodynamics.
It is necessary to install the measurement stations in the active areas to survey the proper data and present the functional and acceptable images in order to get the suitable and definite result of the measurements.

Iranian Permanent Global Positioning System Network, IPGPSN

The application of this sat system has progressed in the country in recent years by the construction and installation of the first Iranian Permanent Global Positioning System Network by NCC. This network is on the basis of the periodical survey in certain intervals. The primitive results surveyed by these measurements have shown the updated information about the crust movements in the country.
The construction of primitive network shown that the GPS technology is very effective in our country and it was caused to quick the construction of the permanent network of geodynamics especially after the miserable earthquake of Bam , 2003. Up to now, 93 sets of GPS have been considered for this network and the surveyed data of all stations of the country is sent to a NCC every day by an especial telecommunication system to process immediately. Also, the results got from the data process are published daily and is in access by internet. It is necessary to consider different fields for implement of such modern and extended and basic project. One of the most important of these cases is designing the network and distribution of the permanent stations in the country. Therefore, the human geography and also existence of the installation of national -constructive, strategic-military, economic and atomic are necessary to design IPGPSN. To get the targets of the network, should be considered the features of engineering geology and geotechnical of the stations and their situation considering the active faults and structural manners of the country.