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Institute of Geophysics University of Tehran
US Geological Survey
International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre

  Active Folding and Deformation Rate at the Eastern Zagros Fold Belt, Iran  click here
  Local Seismic Network Around Damavand Volcano, Iran   click here
 Active Tectonics and Seismic Potential of W-Makran, Iran (GPS measurements)  click here
Atlas of Persian Earthquakes Surface Faulting click here
Structural Maturity of Seismic Faults, Iran click here
10Be Cosmogenic Nuclide Preparation Laboratory - SSD-CNPL 
click here
Electromagnetic Earthquake Precursor Monitoring System 
click here
Paleoseismic History of Strike-Slip Faults in Central Iran 
click here
 National Seismotectonic GeoDataBase  click here

Rate and mechanism of superficial deformation at the most frontal ....

Analysis of vertical displacement recorded in Pleistocene ....

The kinematics of the Zagros Mountains (Iran)