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 Iran is situated in a highly seismic part of the world, and has been frequently struck catastrophic earthquakes during her recorded history. These earthquakes have resulted in great loss of life, and in rendering larg number of people homeless and disrupting the agricultural and industrial basis of their lives, have been wasteful of national resources.
Thus the geological survey of Iran (GSI) in the last few decades devoted considerable time and effort to seismotectonic studies. The seismotectonic group was founded in 1970 to carry out such studies. Since that time several national and international joint projects have been conducted.
The main aim of seismotectonic group at GSI is to improve our understanding of present-day continental deformation within Iran. This provides the basis for our better understanding of earthquake hazard and for a better readiness and reduction of community's exposure to risk.
Main research projects within the seismotectonic group are briefly described in this site.