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Duties of Engineering Geology Group:


1- Preparing engineering geology and urban geology and geological hazard and hazard zonation maps and reports.
2-Conducting and performing scientific- research projects and providing consultation fields of engineering and environmental geology sciences.
3- Study of natural disasters in cooperation with unexpected events staff of Interior Ministry.
4- Geological studies of all over the country.
5- Preparing natural disasters Atlas in suitable scales all over the country.
6- Geodynamical and geohydrological site selection studies.
7- Exchanging scientific information and cooperation with other groups and organizations in joint projects (domestic and foreign).
 8- Cooperation with subsidiary-specialized committees of natural disasters mitigation.
9- Study of control methods and natural hazards mitigation and presentation of suitable ways to executive organizations of the country.
10- Consultation with other scientific and executive organizations of the country in field of engineering and environmental geology.
11- Preparing standards and model studies in fields of engineering geology and geohazard and urban geology.
12- Conducting public and specialized training and public awareness programs in fields of engineering geology and geological hazards.
13-Providing engineering and environmental geology services to public organizations and private sectors.

This group has provided different professional services on engineering geology and hydrogeology fields to the organizations and factories and industries since1959.

Abstract of Present and Former Activities of the Group:


Generally, the activities of engineering geology group are divided to three major sections:

1-Study of natural hazards, site selection and route selection:
Generally, this section included of landslide and subsidence and flood studies and presentation of economic and scientific methods to face them. Also, choice of proper sites for important engineering projects considering safety aspects and route selection for different linear projects such as: road, railway, power and oil and gas transfer lines and engineering geological studies and preparing their map.
2- Researches:

Researches conduct the fields of geology and stratigraphy of Iran Quaternary underground waters and hot springs and constructional materials that several books and reports are their results.
3-Preparing engineering geology maps:

The engineering or geotechnical map is a kind of geology map that are prepared to illustrate geotechnical and engineering and hydrogeological properties of geological formations and potential or existence of geological hazards. An engineering geology map has important applications in site selection studies and structural design and infra structure and construction projects.