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 Projects of engineering geology

Abstract of operation


Group manager



Studied area

 Recognition of existing geohazards in the province and zonating landslide hazard in Hinabad of Kalpush and Chashm and Khatirkooh areas and zonation of earthquake hazard and study of environmental hazards and flood-This map is incomplete because its digital data  topography isnt ready

Sayareh Alireza-Amirshemshaki Hamidreza

Bolurchi Mohammadjavad-Ansari Farhad

۲۰۰۰ up to now

Geological hazards map(natural-    human)

Semnan Province

Study of  crust monitoring methods and results in other countries-Selection of proper methods to accomplish in studied area-Beginning systematic sampling of hot and mineral water around Damavand volcano-Preparing precise map of Damavand volcano- Invitation of seismological survey of Yunnan province of China to come Iran and present consultative services about establishment of seismic and precursory monitoring networ

Amirshemshaki-Entezam Iman- Mahmoudpour Masoud

Bolurchi Mohammadjavad-Ansari Farhad

Since 2002

seismic and precursory monitoring of earth crust-CAMP

 Tehran and its neighborhooh

Study of rock mechanics of mineral mass and rock into it to be assigned  its resistance and underground water resources for application in mine

Amirshemshaki and colleagues

Mahmoudpour Masoud


Geomechanical & Hydrological investigations of Arghash open pit

Gold mine of Arghash