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Detailed obligationso f engineering geology group
1- To prepare engineering geological and urban geological maps and reports, zonation of natural hazards and geohazards.
2- To present and to perform scientific-research projects and consulting projects related to engineering geology and environmental science.
3- To study natural events after their occurrences in coordination with staff of unexpected events in Ministry of Interior.
4-To study Quaternary geology in Iran . 
5-Preparing natural hazard atlas in appropriate scales in Iran .
6- The platform geodynamic hydrologic and geo hydrologic studies for site selection.
7- To exchange scientific information and cooperate in common projects  with other groups, domestic and foreign organizations.
8-To cooperate with minor-specific committees of natural hazard decreasing .
9- To study controlling and decreasing methods of natural hazards and present suitable solutions to executive organizations of the country.
10- To consult with other scientific and executive organs of the country about engineering and environmental geology .
11-To make standards and patterns for studying engineering geology ,geohazards and urban geology
12- General and specific training and giving information involved with engineering geology and geohazards issues.
13- To give engineering and environmental geology services to public organs and private section.
Since G.S.I foundation In 1338,this group has endeavored in different fields of engineering geology and water supply to institutes factories and industries ,it has also cooperated with several organs .
A brief of past and present activities of the group or in general, operations of engineering geology group can be classified in 3 main parts:
1-Natural hazard studying, site selection and course finding: this part mainly consist of studying landslides, subsidences and floods and presenting practical and economical solutions to treat these phenomena.
Also, an appropriate site selection for significant engineering projects with respect to securing aspects and course selection for different projects such as road , railway, power lines oil and gas pipes.
2- Research affairs about geology and stratigraphy of Quaternary sub–surface water , mineral warm springs ,construction materials which result in many books and reports.
3- Engineering geological mapping: engineering geological map or geotechnical map is a kind of geological map that provides essential data for planning land use, design, structure and maintaining mining constructions and its target is to reveal the distribution of special geological phenomena and some characteristics of rocks and soils which engineering application of various ground depend on them, an engineering geological map is applied for making a city and other prosperity projects in different areas and it has a key role, because by presenting essential information, this map can be very useful in cost estimations and the amount of investment.
 One of the activities of the groups is to prepare engineering geological map of provincial centers and large cities which began in 1373 (1994) for the first time and up to now it has been accomplished in Tabriz, in shiraz  Sari,  Mrvdasht, Behshahr, Mashhad ,Nayshabour and vicinity of them the presented information by engineering geological maps.
In general the geological characteristics which are shown on these maps are as follows:
Rocks & soils geological water conditions geomorphological conditions , erosion and sedimentary phenomena, slope movements volume change of soils etc.
Sometimes it is possible to show al these items in a single sheet, so the information have been classified with respect to the following themes and they are provided in sheets by the same themes (subjects).
these sheets are:
1-geological water and environmental geology sheet .
2-Enginnering geology sheet .
3-Engineering geomorphology sheet .
The sheets can be prepared for special purposes such as relatively easy excavation map or zonation map of slide capacity or other single-purpose maps which can be provided in various scales. We not that engineering geological maps are applied as basic engineering documents not only to study damages from matural hazards and methods of damage decrease , but also they are necessary sources of most prosperity works in Iran.