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Location : Naples, Italy
Title : Coastal Processes 2011
Description :
Second International Conference on Physical Coastal Processes, Management and Engineering

27 - 29 April 2011

Naples, Italy
Full Text :

Following the success of the first conference on coastal processes held in Malta in 2009, it has been decided to reconvene the meeting at the University of Naples Parthenope in 2011.

Coastal regions present a complex dynamic web of natural and human related processes. Although coastal zones are narrow areas occupying a small part of oceans and lands, these regions play a very important role as they account for nearly a quarter of all oceanic biological production. About 60% of the human population live in coastal zones, and around 70% of big cities are placed in this narrow area. Concomitantly, more than 90% of the pollutants generated by human economic activities end up in the coastal zone.

The unstoppable demand of the coast for recreational and tourism activities has increased the need for shore and beach protection and, increasingly, the construction of artificial beaches, ports and harbours. Wind waves and wave driven currents are the dominant mechanisms controlling littoral sand transport and determining the nearshore morphology. In addition, many other physical phenomena, such as tides and associated currents, long waves and storm surges, among others, can play a significant role in the dynamic behaviour of the coastal zone.

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