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Deputy of Exploration of the GSI:
Development of exploration of necessary matters for mineral industries is a high priority.

Dealing with exploration of necessary matters for mineral industries is one of the top exploration priorities of the GSI for the coming Iranian year.” said the Deputy of Exploration of the GSI, according to the Public Relations.

Having stated that GSI exploration plan for 2012-2013 is being prepared, Behroz Borna indicated: “Development of exploration of strategic and high-tech matters, rare elements, rare mineral soils, basic metals, lithium and gold are other exploration projects of this organization.”

“Preparation of 1:25000 geochemical maps, proceed of gold exploration using BLEG and control of target areas through airborne geophysics are other programs of Exploration Dept.” he added.

Borna also declared that pursuit of international MOUs on offering technical services, and accomplishment of enactments resulted from provincial travels of the Presidential Cabinet will be subjects of GSI programs for the coming Iranian year.

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