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By attempt of GSI:
Greatest marine geology cruise investigation survey was finished in Persian gulf.


By attempt of GSI experts, greatest marine geology investigation cruise was finished in Persian Gulf.

According to public relation of GSI, Dr. Razieh Lak, a manager of marine geology, announced about accomplishment of greatest marine geology investigations in Persian Gulf water bodies and he said: marine geophysics surveys include shallow seismology with high quality and imaging from Persian Gulf Bed in area of Northern Gheshm Water Channel, Laft, Boustano and Bandar Abbas was accomplished by attempt of marine geophysics department in 60 days consequently.   

He reminded this marine cruise was done by Fiberglass floater in 15 meters from sea level and it is equipped with navy and positioning facilities and also scan machines: 9 experts, 3 technicians and 4 navy personnel have been worked in this cruise.   

Lak stated about purposes of marine geology investigations cruise that: these surveys with purpose of identification of sea floor and under sea floor, determination of submarine faults, sea floor morphology, determination of sea level change in Quaternary, determination of locations during sedimentation and erosion, determination of dominant and affecting flows on sea bed sediments and for sediment displacements, identification of old submarine channels and their economical potentials related to them, discovering of ancient cities, ships and lost things.       

Marine geology manager of GSI said about results of these results that: obtained investigations are necessary for developmental programs in coastal and marine parts such as development of coastal cities and ports, construction of wavebreak bridge, transportation of energy pipes and optical fiber. 

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