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GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF IRAN manager announced:
Discovering of gold mines in several provinces in the country
Geological Survey of Iran discovered gold mines in Razavi Khorasan, Kerman, Kurdistan and Yazd.
According to public relations of Geological Survey of Iran, Behrouz Borna, manager of exploration department, said besides declaring of this news: currently our country has invested well in field of mine explorations that we can enhance mineral material reservoirs by this trend. 
He implied to a reservoir with an amount of 58 billion tons in mines of our country: 46 tons from mineral materials with a reservoir over 58 billion tons in our country. 
Borna implied to good grade of our country in field of exploration of the mines and he added: our country, in field of exploration of the mines has first grade in Middle East and third grade in Asia.
He implied to necessity of more investment in field of mine exploration and he stated: with more investment in field of explorations of the mine, we can increase export of mineral materials in the country.
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