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Geological Survey of North East Iran:
Lithogeochemical samples studies are carried out in North East Iran

Studies of Lithogeochemical samples, analysis of gold samples by method of Bleg, studies of channel sediments and heavy mineral are done in management of geological survey of North East Iran.  

According to general relation report from Geological Survey of Iran, Jamal Roshan Ravan, manager of geological survey of North East Iran center stated: Geological Survey of North East Iran department has begun its activity since 1374.

He added: exploration department of this organization which is one of most active departments in this management, has been concentrated mainly in field of implementing geochemical exploration projects and systematical geophysics, saving, general – detailed exploration.

Manager of geological survey of North East Iran stated that exploration department began its explorative activities by information gatherings correspondent to mineral capacities of Khorasan Province uniformly and reminded: by implementing of explorative plans in various scales, especially implementing of executive operations of mineral exploration plan has been developed in south of Khorasan.  

Roshan Ravan reminded by stating that saving surveys, in frame of exchanged agreement, is doing in an area with 2,000 km2 from Khorasan Province areas in mineralization belts: according to expert opinions, priorities resulted from geological and explorative characteristics in each of under coverage provinces and results of former projects, a list from mentioned priorities such as identification, saving ad general exploration was compiled in 18 projects which is under following currently.  

He stated by implying that mentioned explorative operation includes geochemical and economical geological surveys which is done respect to expected mineralization and with more concentration on Au, Cu, Pb, Zn and Fe elements: general explorative activities include geological, geophysics, lithogeochemical, well drilling, transaction and bore hole surveys which results finally in reservoir determination and exploration certificate.

Manager of geological survey of North East Iran center added: all of exploration (identification, saving, general exploration and detailed exploration ) stages with mineral – geological maps preparation is carried out in scales of 1:20,000, 1:5,000, 1:1,000, 1:500 in this organization.

Roshan Ravan stated: designing of drilling network and logging of explorative cores, reservoir evaluation, technical – economical surveys of the mine and consulting and representation of explorative solution are from activities of geological survey of North East Iran. 

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