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Deputy of Exploration of the GSI:
 Development of exploration of necessary matters for mineral industries is a high priority.
“Dealing with exploration of necessary matters for mineral industries is one of the top....
4 Sunday March 2012  9:41
 The 30th Symposium on the Geoscience
This year the 30th Symposium on the Geoscience of the Geological Survey of....
25 Saturday February 2012  9:17
 The symposium on Gilan’s Geohazards
The symposium on Gilan’s Geohazards will be held on February 8th, 2012 in....
31 Saturday December 2011  11:56
 Exhibition of Iran’s Government achievements in Eastern Azerbaijan
According to the Public Relations of the Geological Survey of Iran, on the third and forth....
2 Wednesday November 2011  7:43
 Geosciences and Mining Monthly Magazine in the 18th Exhibition of the Press and News Agencies
The Geosciences and Mining Monthly Magazine published by the Geological Survey of Iran
26 Wednesday October 2011  9:26
By attempt of the GSI experts
 4 gold areas and one iron and magnesium area were discovered
Within the last two months, GSI has successfully obtained the certification for 4 gold areas in Kurdistan, and Sistan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces, and one iron and magnesium area in Esfahan Province...
25 Tuesday October 2011  7:45
 The Preliminary Report on the Seismic Event in Zarindasht, Fars Province
By attempt of the GSI experts of Shiraz center, the preliminary report of the seismic event on....
23 Sunday October 2011  11:2
 The Strategic Council for Hazards; the Think Tank and Intellect of the GSI
According to public relation of GSI, Dr. Hamid Nazari, chairman of the Strategic Council for....
19 Wednesday October 2011  10:10
 Lake Urmia under the magnifying glass of the GSI
GSI is studying the crisis of the Lake Urmia both scientifically and functionally...
17 Monday October 2011  12:1
 A One-day Workshop on Geological Hazards & Their Potentials
According to public relations of Geological Survey of Iran, at the week of “Reducing....
17 Monday October 2011  11:58
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