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 Colombian armed rebels tighten control over gold mining
The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and a new generation of drug gangs.....
14 Wednesday August 2013  1:20
 Chinese investors make foray into Alaskan mining
A Chinese fund has contributed $3 million in financing to explorations for copper....
14 Wednesday August 2013  1:20
 Plumes Across the Pacific Deliver Thousands of Microbial Species to North American West Coast
A surprising number of microorganisms -- 99 percent more kinds than had been....
14 Wednesday August 2013  1:19
 Canadian Arctic irreversible melt not just bad news
A fifth of Canada’s Arctic glaciers are expected to disappear by the end of the century....
13 Tuesday August 2013  22:13
 How Canadian mining can maintain its global competitive edge
After a terrible week for commodities and mining shares, Mining Association of Canada president....
13 Tuesday August 2013  22:13
 Social costs of Western Australia’s mining boom
Foreign investment and an influx of nearly 1,000 migrants per week to Western Australia....
13 Tuesday August 2013  22:13
 Bacterium from Canadian High Arctic Offers Clues to Possible Life On Mars
The temperature in the permafrost on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high Arctic is ....
13 Tuesday August 2013  22:13
 Accurate Distance Measurement Resolves Major Astronomical Mystery
Sometimes astronomy is like real estate -- what’s important is location, location, and location.....
13 Tuesday August 2013  22:13
 Earth’s Mantle Affects Long-Term Sea-Level Rise Estimates
From Virginia to Florida, there is a prehistoric shoreline that, in some parts, rests more than....
13 Tuesday August 2013  22:12
 Another Aussie iron ore miner sets records
Iron ore miner Mount Gibson Iron (ASX:MGX) on Friday announced record breaking sales....
6 Tuesday August 2013  11:5
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