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 Philippines looking to revamp mining rules in latest example of resource nationalism
The Philippines is taking a cue from South Africa, Australia and Zambia, all recent....
6 Tuesday November 2012  9:46
 Climate Change Reducing Ocean’s Carbon Dioxide Uptake, New Analysis Shows
How deep is the ocean’s capacity to buffer against climate change?As one of the planet’s....
31 Wednesday October 2012  10:24
 Stillwater Mining plans US$487.1 million acquisition of Peregrine Metals
Stillwater Mining, the only platinum and palladium producer in the U.S., announced on...
31 Wednesday October 2012  10:23
 Southern Copper delays $1 billion mine opening in Peru
Record annual earnings of more than $2 billion released today by key global coppe....
31 Wednesday October 2012  10:23
 Space Weather: Explosions on Venus
In the grand scheme of the solar system, Venus and Earth are almost the same distance....
31 Wednesday October 2012  10:23
 Initial Stages by Which Giant Gypsum Crystals Form
Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral which is often used in industrial processes....
31 Wednesday October 2012  10:23
 Continental Coal shares soar
Shares in Continental Coal (LON:COOL, ASX:CCC) went up almost 20% in London on....
31 Wednesday October 2012  10:23
 Xstrata to create world’s biggest zinc mine
Xstrata (LON:XTA) announced Tuesday it has approved a $360 million expansion for....
14 Sunday October 2012  8:59
 Philippine miners duck taxes by selling gold on the black market
Philippine gold production dropped by over half, but the reduction may have more to...
14 Sunday October 2012  8:57
 PQ victory casts doubt with miners
Quebec is regarded as one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world fo.....
6 Saturday October 2012  9:28
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