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 Copper kicks off Q3 with huge rally
The copper price raced ahead on the first trading day of the third quarter, adding more...
22 Monday July 2013  9:30
 Glencore grabs over 31 million shares of Polymet
Glencore Xtrata plc announced that it has acquired 31,756,979 common shares of Polymet....
22 Monday July 2013  9:29
 More Rio Tinto pain at $6.2 billion Oyu Tolgoi
The dispute between the Mongolian government and Rio Tinto over repatriation of....
22 Monday July 2013  9:26
 Guide to surviving the global mining crisis launched
This has been a difficult year for mining companies across the globe, with weak commodity....
15 Monday July 2013  9:26
 New Insights Into the Early Bombardment History On Mercury
The surface of Mercury is rather different from those of well-known rocky bodies....
15 Monday July 2013  9:25
 Whitehaven Coal receives final approval for its A$767 million Maule Creek project
The Maule Creek Project, a proposed coal mine in New South Wales that will cost A$767....
15 Monday July 2013  9:24
 Starved for jobs, Europe shifts attitude towards mining
With the European economic crisis showing no signs of abating after five long years...
8 Monday July 2013  9:34
 Latest Indian gold buying ban: credit card instalments
Going to need lots of money up front India continues to tighten its grip on the country’s....
8 Monday July 2013  9:33
 Platinum and palladium: A fundamental shift
Platinum is a precious metal, as is palladium, though to a lesser degree. However....
7 Sunday July 2013  10:2
 Glencore Xstrata produces 18 pct more copper in Q1
Glencore Xstrata (LON:GLEN) copper production was up 18% over last year’s Q1.The newly....
7 Sunday July 2013  10:1
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