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Environmental Geology
Publisher date : July 2008
Chapter title : Volcano
Data title : Confrontation with a risk

Confrontation with a risk:

The best way of the confrontation against risk of eruptions and volcanoes activities, is a leave and discharge of region.

At dated on 13.Nov.1985, geologists reported from Colombia Nevadodel Roiez volcanism, but no one regarded it.

The authorities didn't order to discharge Armero, small Town.

As a result of the mud flood, Armero town was destroyed and were killed about 2000 persons.

The preparation of volcanos risk maps is a simple work due to observe the volcano devices on earth surface.

The eruption type is an important at determining an amount of risk. As we must know that whether the eruption is an explosive or mild, that this case will change the fate of work very much. Because the speed of Lava movement is 10-100m/h, while nuee ardent has 200 km/h speed.

In fact, the nuee ardent is a hot gases and solid particles of volcano that fall on the people around volcano. The amount of gas or solid particles can be very different.

Environment energy (Energy sources-Effects of energy sources development):

At a present, the grow at the energy consumption is a triple the population grow. The fossil fuels are cheapest of energy sources for humans, and form 95% world consumption fuel. The most important of energy sources that can use by humans are: solar energy that there is at our environment without any contamination and the solar energy equivalent to 6milion oil gallon reflects to Iran daily. In fact, the energies source caused from fossil fuels is the same solar energy, that the grow of plants and animals has been caused by it.

The atomic energy is caused from atoms core fission and it is able to back much energy to us that the production and the use of it needs to the advanced technology.

One atomic reactor and related PowerStation is established and usable at high cost, and the environmental features of the caused wastes will continue at least by 1500 years later resulting from making these wastes. The atomic wastes disposal is a problem that there is for reactors owner? And nuclear energy consumers, and it is not easily achievable the places of nuclear wastes disposal. As the disposal of these wastes is not acceptable by any country, unless the country of consumer accept it. Because soils or waters that the nuclear wastes are buried in them, will become a polluted and un usable for humans.

Among other energy sources, there are a fossil fuels. The use of these energy sources, on one way, is caused to consume an oxygen and, on other way, the environment pollution, and today, it threats the human life on the earth. These fuels are: oil, gas and coal that are used on different ratios at a different countries.

Another one of energy sources is a flowing water that can be used using dams. This energy source is usable more at bulk water regions of the world, and it will be usable after converting to the electric energy.

The wind energy, at some of the world points that are windy, is usable easily.

This energy source has a less value compared to other energy sources has a less value compared to other energy sources, and it is recoverable at a special regions.

Today, the use of the melt material energy has been considered at regions of the world that have an active volcanos. As at regions of Island, the hot water and thermal energy are used for heating the houses.

The use of volcanic zones energy is possible as there are a water storages also. Because this is a water that first it must be heated and then the existing energy will be usable.

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