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Environmental Geology
Publisher date : July 2008
Chapter title : Earthquake
Data title : Earthquake intensity

Earthquake intensity

By before inventing the earthquake recorders, the earthquakes importance has been posed given to a degradation extent caused from it. First time, Robert Mallet drew a intensity curve, as at earthquake on 1875 Italy, he connected a points having a unified damages  to each other  and then is grade curves were drawn, and he named a place having a maximum damages as an earthquake focus that it is the same as an external focus or earthquake external center.

First time, the intensity scale was posed by Italian, Rossi and Swiss, Foret on 1880, that was corrected by Mercalli on 1902. This scale was completed by other persons later, and today, it is an only scale that is used for stating an earthquake. With regards to the names of contributors such as karnik, sponkener, medveder, it is named as MSK scale.

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