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Oredressing group

Processing and Application of Mineral Ores
Feasibility and Laboratory studies for applying the gangues and industrial waste, aiming at creating added value and as a mean to solve

General view of the Ore Dressing Pilot Plant
This pilot plant, equipped with various types of separators is the only multi-purpose ore-dressing unit in the country capable of carrying out
Multi Gravity Separator (MGS)
It is a kind of gravity separator, which employs a rotatory as well as a to and fro motion. It is capable of separating various minerals on the basis of differences in specific gravity and even for fine-grained materials.
 General view of the Humphrey’s Spiral Separator
It is a gravity separator, which employs the resultant of several forces including gravity and centrifugal forces in addition to water current to separate mineral particles based on differences in their densities.
General view of the Rod Mills and Ball Mills in the Pilot Plant
The rod mill has a nominal capacity of 2 tons per day while the ball mill has a capacity of 10 tons per day.

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