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Chemical analysis Lab. group

When the  establishment rule of GSI was approved in 1959, an agreement was concluded between the government and the َUnited Nations and agreed to would give 60 experts in various courses of geology and also 400.000 dollars was given to the government of Iran to establish the laboratories and the necessary equipment. Since then ,the chemical laboratory has had a close relation with the geological experts and the analysis of the samples was accomplished by using the classic methods, these methods were costly and time consuming so they were used by the electronic instruments and became standard. Determination of the elements in the oxide samples, mineral waters  and coal also the samples of domestic factories and mines can be done with high accuracy by this group. It is necessary to note that this group has a close relationship with the universities and research centers too. Here is nise to remind the Late. Eng. Shiravani which was the founder of chemical lab.

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