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 cartography group

Introduction of cartography group and print of geological map
Cartography group has established its activities since 1959,simultaneous with foundation of GSI.The duty of this group has been technical provision and print of geological maps of GSI and up to now has printed hundreds of geological and subjective maps on different scales.
Preparing maps was implemented by traditional methods until 2000.Traditional cartography was changed to digital cartography simultaneous with development of technology and application of modern systems of hardware and software of the world in 2000.

Targets and duties:
Printing geological maps,preparing new standards and making georefrence of geological and engineering maps.
Another duties has been given to cartography group after using digital cartography such as:

  1. GSI Ready of digital maps
  2. Registering descriptive data of geology such as:stratigraphy,petrology and so on
  3. 3Registering data involved to engineering geological map such as:hydrochemical data,permeance,constructional materials and so on
  4. Updating data to consider for results got from field &laboratory operations and official studies and so on
  5. Changing digital maps to different formats to use in various mediums
    of software

Correlation with other sections and groups of GSI:
Cartography group is related with all groups of GSI that are involved to map because of its main target that is technical provision of geological maps.
The most relation of this group is with stratigraphy and petrology sections as producers of map and library as distributor of map.Also GIS section has a very close relation with cartography section as the most important consumer of digital data of geological map.

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