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Surveying and Cartography group

Surveying and Cartography group of GSI were merged together from the first years of GSI establishment but this group was divided in two groups in 1981 due to the need of the mineral geology experts to prepare mineral and topographic maps.

The group capabilities included of:

  1. Preparing the big-scaled maps that the most important of them are: preparing the topographic maps on scales of 1:500,1:1000,1:2000,1:5000 and surveying road and specific leveling by level man camera of N3 and the bands rod and also survey of the profiles.
  2.  Surveying the historic places and constructions on scales of 1:200.
  3. Surveying the famous caves of Iran.
  4. Surveying the earthquake faults and measurement of the salt domes.

And totally, implement of all affairs involved to Surveying Science.

Surveying group of GSI cooperates with the geology groups, mineral exploration and engineering geology sectors and the tectonic engineers of GSI and geophysics sectors and also Cultural Heritage and Iran Tourism organizations. This group cooperates with foreign experts (speleology team of Germany) too in order to prepare the topographic maps of the caves of Alisadr and Gamasiab of Hamedan, Katalekhor of Zanjan and measurement of the salt domes by the students of the research center of GSI under the supervision of Prof. Talbout (the prof in Apsola university of Swede)

The surveying instruments included of:
1 Sokkisha Japan Total station set3
2 Sokkisha Japan Electronic distance meter
1Sokkisha Japan Theodolite DT2
1Sokkisha Japan Automatic level LpR3A
1 Sokkisha Japan Gyroscopic theodolite GP1
1 Swiss Japan Theodolite T1, T2, T16
2 Swiss Japan Theodolite RDS
5 Sokkisha Japan Prism AP41
1 Sokkisha Japan 9 prism
1 Sokkisha Japan 11 prism
4 Sokkisha Japan Altimeter
1 Sokkisha Japan Pantograph


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